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Welcome to America's Footprints, where you can preserve your story in your family’s history - forever.

We all have a life story. And ALL of us deserve to be remembered for more than just another random face in a photograph. But if tonight was the last time you closed your eyes, what will your children and grandchildren have to remember you by?

When we take our last breath, will your family, your friends, and even the future members of your family ever truly know about your life story? And in a world surrounded by social media, what will they save? What will they discard? What will they lose? What will they remember? And what will they forget?

The answer now lies within the Footprint you choose to leave behind. This profile will become your final legacy, and will pass down something of true value to your children, your grandchildren, and even your great grandchildren.

So have you started your Footprint yet?

As a member at®, you gain the ability to preserve the biggest memories of your life as a digital memoir.  This "Footprint" is a unique profile, created on your own and in private, containing the poignant moments that make up your life story.  Our members are essentially building a digital profile that will forever store the memories and milestones in their lifetime...for the purposes of preserving their footprint in their family's history.

Think of a Footprint like a memoir or autobiography, but on a much smaller and simpler scale.  As a lifetime member you can share stories of your childhood, and important lessons you have learned along the way.  You can talk about where you have been (schools, careers, etc.) and what dreams you wish to pursue in the future.  You can add historic photos from your past that have meaning or significance in some way.  

You can even leave behind personal messages for your closest family, your friends, and even your future descendants.  

And that is just the beginning.

Think of a Footprint like ancestry for the future. It is an ongoing time capsule of your life story that remains private for as long as you want. And one day your children and grandchildren will gain access to this storybook of your life. A book they will forever cherish.

In the end, the Footprint you build is meant to forever summarize your life story, and is designed with the purpose of keeping your legacy alive for your family, your children, and your grandchildren.  It truly is the best and most unique way of preserving your story in the timeline of your family's history.

The back story: meet the man behind it all

Think no one cares about your story? Think again!

Genealogy is the second most popular hobby in the U.S. after gardening, AND the second most visited category of websites. In other words, someone, someday, will research your name...eager to uncover the history you left behind.

So the question isn't "who cares about my story?" The question is: "when your children and grandchildren want to know your story, what will they find?"

And that answer is now up to you.

Everyone has a story to tell. Don't let anyone convince you that people aren't interested in your life and the experiences that make up your story. And don't rely on your material possessions to become the only thing your children will remember you by.

Preserve the greatest memories in your life today, and pass down something of true value to the children of tomorrow.

We are now proudly accepting new members from both the United States and Canada, and encourage you to start preserving your story today while our introductory rates are still available! Give your great, great, great grandkids the memoir of your life that they will one day be longing for.

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1) Share your story: other services provide a way to memorialize those who have passed. But we provide a very unique platform that allows you to preserve your OWN life story for the purposes of one-day sharing it with your children, your grandchildren, and even your great grandchildren.  Bottom line, we help keep your legacy alive and create a way for you to leave a true digital "Footprint" in your family's history.

2) It's family history...for the future: has NO connection to other ancestry, or genealogy websites, and we are not a family-tree service. We simply provide a platform that enables you to privately and personally store the poignant moments in your life story.  This profile will eventually tell your story to the current generations of your family and even your future descendants.

3) Your Footprint is private: unlike social media or other platforms having to do with family history, a Footprint is a digital profile that no one is connected to or even sees.  No one else will ever be able to view your Footprint until you are ready.  And when the time is right, you can control exactly who will be able to see the memoir you have left behind, and when.  It's like building your own online time capsule that will one-day be uncovered!

4) We will never mislead you: other websites may claim a 100% free service. But 99% of this time this is misleading! In the end, they eventually force you to pay a fee (monthly or annually) for continued use of their service.  Additionally, they almost always sell the information you store to other organizations that target you for demographic information and marketing purposes, amongst other things. Our one-time setup fee is simple with NO hidden gimmicks. And unlike the rest, will NEVER share or sell your information to anyone. Period.

5) Member for life: there are no recurring or annual renewal fees to become a member.  Once you are setup in our system, you are a member for life and your Footprint will remain valid forever. Plus, we will never store any of the billing information you provide. We don't even store a phone number.

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