Meet the family behind America's Footprints

The Fiduccia Family

Joe Fiduccia, our company’s founder, gained a new appreciation for life when he became a father. His son introduced him to a whole new world, and he always jumped at any opportunity to be part of his little boy’s life.

As they both grew older, Joe wanted to continue being by his son’s side forever. But it didn’t take long for reality to sink in: ‘forever’ was not an option.

“If today was my last day here, I wanted my son to have more than just his own memories,” explains Joe. “There are so many things I want to share with him, and so many bits of wisdom I can’t wait to pass down.

But he’s too young to understand the hardships of his first breakup, or the joy of earning his high school diploma. He can't yet grasp the importance of mid-terms and finals in college, or the nerves that will set in before his first job interview.

So I needed to figure out a way to provide that guidance, to be that parent, and to remain by his side in good times and bad…even if life has other plans. It is the only way I can find comfort in death, because through my Footprint, I can now rest assured that his daddy will never leave his side.”

And that is how America’s Footprints was born.

Watch the video below to discover the emotional origins of America's Footprints!

Ready to preserve your biggest memories for your children?


1) Share your story: other services provide a way to memorialize those who have passed. But we provide a very unique platform that allows you to preserve your OWN life story for the purposes of one-day sharing it with your children, your grandchildren, and even your great grandchildren.  Bottom line, we help keep your legacy alive and create a way for you to leave a true digital "Footprint" in your family's history.

2) It's family history...for the future: has NO connection to other ancestry, or genealogy websites, and we are not a family-tree service. We simply provide a platform that enables you to privately and personally store the poignant moments in your life story.  This profile will eventually tell your story to the current generations of your family and even your future descendants.

3) Your Footprint is private: unlike social media or other platforms having to do with family history, a Footprint is a digital profile that no one is connected to or even sees.  No one else will ever be able to view your Footprint until you are ready.  And when the time is right, you can control exactly who will be able to see the memoir you have left behind, and when.  It's like building your own online time capsule that will one-day be uncovered!

4) We will never mislead you: other websites may claim a 100% free service. But 99% of this time this is misleading! In the end, they eventually force you to pay a fee (monthly or annually) for continued use of their service.  Additionally, they almost always sell the information you store to other organizations that target you for demographic information and marketing purposes, amongst other things. Our one-time setup fee is simple with NO hidden gimmicks. And unlike the rest, will NEVER share or sell your information to anyone. Period.

5) Member for life: there are no recurring or annual renewal fees to become a member.  Once you are setup in our system, you are a member for life and your Footprint will remain valid forever. Plus, we will never store any of the billing information you provide. We don't even store a phone number.

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