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Here you will find useful tips for preserving your life story and for building your memoir. We also enjoy spotlighting the good stories that we believe are worthy of preservation.

You have a story. And America's Footprints has everything you need to preserve that story for the current and future generations of your family!

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Storytelling: Perception, Lies, & Exaggeration

Written by: Kelly E Lee When I worked as a newspaper writer, I had to interview two 90 year old women who had been friends their whole lives. Both women lived on their own and their minds were still sharp....

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5 More Precious Tips To Help You Write A Good Memoir

Written by: Joe Fiduccia Regardless of where you are in life, most everyone will agree that it's been one heck of a ride. Every single day from the moment we wake up, we are creating memories. Many of which we...

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The Phone Call That Forever Changed My Life, And What I Did About it!

Written by: Rebecca Carr When was the last time you took a phone call that made your heart skip a beat? The call that made time slow down and literally stop the momentum of your life in its tracks? The...

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How Starting A Simple Memoir Gave Me New Purpose In Life

Written by: Joe Fiduccia Ten years ago, if you were to ask me whether I believed my life was worth remembering, I would have said "probably not". Though I've been fortunate in many ways (both personally and professionally), most of...

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Never Be Afraid To Try, Even At The Risk Of Losing Everything

Written by: Debbie Earnston "It was time for a change. It was time to take a chance." Visitors to America's Footprints have been curious to know more about the man behind it all, and often ask where the idea of...

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What Bits of Wisdom Will You Whisper In Your Child's Ears Tonight?

Written by: Joe Fiduccia There is nothing more precious than watching your little one sleep. From the moment your children are brought into this world, there is something magical about seeing them close their eyes and rest comfortably in the...

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Ordinary People Live Extraordinary Lives - Write Their Stories

Written by: Devon Noel Lee In May 1998, country music star Clay Walker released his 16th single entitled "Ordinary People" but it was the worst performing song he ever had. Despite failing to resonate with a wide audience, the song and...

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What Do You Do When Records are Missing or Destroyed?

Written by: Terry Kelly and Tara Dolgner It can be very frustrating when you are researching someone and you need that information from the 1890 U.S. census to provide additional evidence of where she/he was living and with whom. Then...

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How to Create a Home That Tells Your Family’s Story

Written by: Paige A. Mitchell Turning your house into a home takes more than just filling your space with fancy furniture. A family home is all about the little details, special moments, and irreplaceable memories. Each family member completely unique yet...

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Sharing Your Life Story Shouldn't Be Scary

Written by: Devon noel Lee Panic set in as beta readers began reading chapters for my upcoming memoir "From Metal to Rhinestones," the story of my teenage quest for a beauty pageant crown. What if the readers hated the manuscript?...

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Mental Health and Resources Under Medicare: Advice for Seniors

Written by: June Duncan Most older adults understand that Medicare is an important resource that helps them cover the ever-increasing cost of health care. But having coverage and knowing where to find help if you suffer from depression are two...

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My 5 Favorite Tech Gadgets for Genealogy

Written by: Jake Fletcher The genealogy world is at a crossroads right now. Some purists continue to avoid adapting modern tech innovations into their research procedures, while others have fully embraced the brave new world of modern genealogy. At this...

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My Dad Is My Rock. But That Rock Is Starting To Crumble, And So Am I

Written by: Farrah Hollabaugh For the most part, many of us probably look up to our parents in one way or another. Sometimes they will inspire us. Sometime they will push us to be better. And sometimes they give us...

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5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Family Stories Growing All Year

Written by: Shannon Combs-Bennett Well this third rock has gone around the sun...again. And if you are like most people, you have made some resolutions and yet most likely broken a few as well. Don't feel bad though. It's never too...

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Keep One New Year's Resolution Today - Write Now!

Written by: Devon Noel Lee So, how are those New Year's Resolutions coming along? It's mid way through January. Have you forgotten them? Are you working on them? Have you thought about a resolution that relates to recording your memories in...

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