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Here you will find useful tips for preserving your life story and for building your memoir. We also enjoy spotlighting the good stories that we believe are worthy of preservation.

You have a story. And America's Footprints has everything you need to preserve that story for the current and future generations of your family!

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Collect The Stories Of Your Female Ancestors

Written by: Shannon Combs-Bennett I may not have been brought up in a traditional family setting. In fact, my dad was a house husband before being a house husband was cool. The large age difference between my parents meant my mom...

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Two Sisters Drive Cross Country To Find Bone Marrow Donors For Thousands Of People

Did you know? This story was also featured on the Make A Difference Spotlight podcast, episode #028! Many of us have dreams of a taking a roadtrip across the country, traveling through America's big cities, and stopping at those mom...

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Appreciative College Student Pays Off Mortgage For His Grandparents

Did you know this story was also features on the Make A Difference Spotlight podcast? Just look for episode # 055! They provided food, shelter, support, and so much more throughout your entire childhood. Now you are a grown adult...

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I Hate You Dad, But I Love What You Taught Me

The author of this article chose to remain anonymous I get it. "Hate" is a strong wrong. Hate is something that can destroy your inner peace and can lead to a path of negativity that may last a lifetime. The...

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5 (More) People Who Made History, And You Don't Even Know Them

As is often the case, the stories that once made headlines are eventually forgotten in the winds of time. The people who proved what it means to live a selfless life become nothing more than another face in a family...

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Keep One New Year's Resolution Today - Write Now!

Written by: Devon Noel Lee So, how are those New Year's Resolutions coming along? It's mid way through January. Have you forgotten them? Are you working on them? Have you thought about a resolution that relates to recording your memories in...

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3 Holiday Disasters That Make the Best Stories

Written by: Paige A. Mitchell From burnt turkeys to minor injuries, our Hallmark holidays are often imperfect. Some of us have a hard time accepting that, but we, fortunately, have the optimistic believers who err toward the bright side things....

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There Are No Rules for Sharing Your Stories

Written by: Val Brennan Is there anyone who has lived into middle age or beyond, who hasn't at least had the passing thought that "there is something in my story worth preserving?" Most people find reasons to push the thought aside...

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Through The Eyes of A Child

Written by: Amber Fisher Have you wondered what was going through their minds or did you ask them what they were doing, thinking or playing and it brought a smile to your face because maybe for a moment, you remembered...

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Now And Then – A Brief Look At How Far We Have Come In 100 Years

History is so easily forgotten. Many of us have a hard time remembering what we did just 12 hours ago, let alone several years or even decades ago. While we usually have no problem recollecting the bigger milestone's in America's...

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5 Simple Tips For Creating Your Own Last Will And Testament

Written by: Joe Fiduccia Everyone knows there are two guarantees in life: death and taxes. Neither one we have much control over, but we usually do our best to prepare for what's ahead. And part of that preparation involves finalizing...

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Is The Risk Worth The Stress?

Written by: Joe Fiduccia Growing up my mom would always tell me: "enjoy these years. They are the most stress-free years of your life." But with the constant barrage of bullies, tests, and class topics I never fully understood, school...

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Why The Holidays Are The Best Time To Continue Traditions Through Stories

Written by: Shannon Combs-Bennett Many people, the world over, partake in various celebrations this time of year. They may be religious or secular celebrations but the common theme to them is love and family. Even if there is no snow for...

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Are you leaving a legacy...or a mess?

Written by: Kelly E Lee In the words of Ben Franklin, "Lose no time; be always employed in something useful; cut off all unnecessary actions." This bit of advice from Franklin emphasizes the importance of being productive. What I have realized...

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What To Do When The Story Is Stuck Inside Of You

Written by: Devon Noel Lee "I would never do such an idiotic stunt." Those are the words of my teenage daughter when she was in a group interview and asked a 'thought provoking' character question. She was asked the question,...

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