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Here you will find useful tips for preserving your life story and for building your memoir. We also enjoy spotlighting the good stories that we believe are worthy of preservation.

You have a story. And America's Footprints has everything you need to preserve that story for the current and future generations of your family!

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How To Build Your Memoir Without Losing Your Mind - One Simple Tip

Written by: Joe Fiduccia There are literally dozens of options that are available at your fingertips for researching your family's history. Log in to your favorite genealogy or ancestry website, and you'll find everything from census records, to marriage and...

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Dad Builds Full-Scale Replica Of Optimus Prime® To Inspire His Son

Written by: Debbie Earnston Autobots vs. Decepticons. Cybertron. The matrix of leadership. If any of these sound familiar, then you have probably heard about or even watched Transformers on the big screen. Currently the 10th highest-grossing action film series based on...

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3 Things To Consider In End-Of-Life Planning

Written by: Joe Fiduccia Inevitably the day will come when we say our final goodbye. And when we do, all of our life's belongings and anything else we leave behind will become the responsibility of someone else. But in the...

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The Best Advice for Planning and Paying for Long-Term Care

Written by: June Duncan Long-term care can seem like a distant concern. While you may think you'll never need it, the majority of us will be forced to rely on it at some point in life. If you do need long-term...

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The Story Behind The Smile: A Famous Actress Who Struggled To Find Her Happiness

Judy Garland was an American singer and actress. Her vocals helped her achieve international stardom that helped her launch a career spanning more than 40 years. Garland is perhaps most famous for her role as Dorothy Gale in the light-hearted...

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Advice for Seniors: Better Health for a Better Life in Retirement

Written by: Jason Lewis Forget high school -- retirement can easily be the best years of your life! Your years of experience have given you the wisdom you need to truly enjoy life right now. The only thing that can...

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A Late Night Problem That Changed My Perspective On The Life We Consider "Boring"

Written by: Joe Fiduccia Recently I enjoyed some drinks and a conversation with a good friend of mine who I hadn't seen in quite a while. We were catching up on small talk, and spent hours reminiscing on the good...

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Superheroes Who Became The Nationally Recognized "Band Of Heroes"

Meet the Band Of Heroes – everyday citizens who become superheroes in the form of volunteer cosplayers. From volunteering at Make-A-Wish events to smaller community festivals, they are a group of people dedicated to making a difference across the northeast....

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Sharing Your Life Story Shouldn't Be Scary

Written by: Devon noel Lee Panic set in as beta readers began reading chapters for my upcoming memoir "From Metal to Rhinestones," the story of my teenage quest for a beauty pageant crown. What if the readers hated the manuscript?...

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Three Life Lessons That Kicked My Ass, And What I Learned From Them

Written by: Joe Fiduccia There aren't too many things that are guaranteed in life. Of course there are the obvious ones like death and taxes, not to mention that your journey through life will be chock full of lessons. What the...

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10 Things You Didn't Know About America's Footprints

As a fairly new player in town, we tend to get a lot of questions from our members and our visitors. As people continue to learn more about America's Footprints, they discover a platform that is both new and very...

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Elementary School Girl Opens Lemonade Stand To Raise Money For Brother's Heart Surgery

It's getting warm outside, and you know what that means. Ice cream trucks start inching along those residential streets, sprinklers become the next best thing to a water park in your own front yard, and 10-cent lemonade stands pop up...

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65-y-o Starts Clothing Company To Help Her Granddaughter Feel Confident

When 4-year-old Maggie was having difficulty shopping for clothes, an unlkely family member decided to take action. Maggie has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. And as a result, it isn't easy to find a set of clothes that are the...

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Teenager's Kind Act In Exchange For Food Has Netted His Family Over $300,000!

When shopping for groceries, we typically don't expect to meet someone who will change your life forever. Especially not someone who is only 16 years old. Meet Chauncy Jones Black. The teenager was making his way through the aisles of...

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7 Modern Expressions And Traditions With Origins From The 1500's That Will Leave You Saying "OMG!"

How are you enjoying the modern luxuries of life lately? Are you resting comfortably on your sleep number mattress? Is your Jacuzzi tub just calling your name this evening? As the nights get colder, are you still walking along the...

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