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Lend A Hand, Even When Every Other Part Of You Doesn't Want To

-by Joe Fiduccia Here in northeast PA, and like many other areas of the northeast, 2015 has yielded a pretty intense winter season. The snow continues to fall and the cold continues to keep everyone indoors. But soon the warmer...

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Teens Asks Mom To Pull Over, But The Reason Why May Surprise You

Today we would like you to meet a Nottoway High School senior named Tommy Adams.  He is your ordinary teenage boy focused on all the things Seniors in high school love most (friends, cars, college, etc.).  But it's what he does...

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Homeless Man Helping Motorists Wins Internet Lottery

Pictured here is a Colorado Springs homeless man named Shelby Hudgens.  He was caught on camera helping to push cars up a slippery hill during a messy snowstorm over one weekend. And before he knew it, Hudgens found himself sleeping in...

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Single Mom Pays Tab For Military Members Affected By Shutdown

A kind Ruby Tuesday waitress recently proved that there IS such thing as a free (and incredibly inspiring) lunch. Sarah Hoidahl is a single mom who works in Concord, N.H..  She overheard two of her customers say that they were...

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Man Helps Neighborhood Families By Building His Own Bus Stop

Did you know? This story was featured in our Make A Difference Spotlight podcast #006! Jerry Evans, 72, would watch as kids and moms waited for the city bus in front of his home on a tiny strip of sidewalk...

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Act Of Kindness Gives 82-Year-Old Widower A Chance To Visit His Wife

True love conquers all, but sometimes it needs a little help. A Fond du Lac man who spent nearly 56 years with his wife, didn't want to let her memory go. Meet Bud Caldwell, and 82-year-old man who has a...

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Meet A Woman On A Mission To Change Our View Of Law Enforcement

Today we would like you to meet Knoxville, Tennessee resident Tricia Somers. Tricia is the administrator of a Facebook page titled Random Acts of Kindness. This page recently caught our attention because unlike make of the other pages that are...

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7-year-old boy helps crossing guards stay warm on frigid morning

Written by: Joe Fiduccia January 8th was one of the coldest mornings we've had so far this winter in northeast Pennsylvania.  Wind chills were -20, and schools had a delayed opening.  And that's when young Ryan Fiduccia decided to do...

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Football Team Defeats Bullying With Act Of Kindness

Did you know?  This story was featured in our Make A Difference Spotlight podcast #001! Even the most stoic person might shed a tear at the goodness found in a group of boys. After the group of fifth-grade football players from...

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Good cop spotlight - Jeremy Henwood

What former Marine veteran officer Jeremy Henwood does goes beyond the call of duty. His last action...a simple act of kindness for a complete stranger...would sadly turn out to be his last. It was a defining moment, that will become...

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Remembering the legacy of 6-y-o- Jesse Lewis

Today we would like to give a special honor to 6-y-o Jesse Lewis.  Jesse was one of the 20 children lost in the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy on December 14.   Jesse was very friendly and loved talking to people. He...

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Inspiration of the week: Introducing the Practice Kindness Organization

Practice Kindness is an organization founded in 2013, with the simple goal of spreading kindness through random acts that inspire others. Last year their mission was to do a random act of kindness every day for 26 days during the...

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Becoming a kid again...with just one act of kindness

Meet Allan Munroe - an 87-year-old Red Sox diehard. Still grieving over the recent passing of his wife, watching the Red Sox was his escape in her final months. So his family wanted to send him to Fenway to see...

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A Dose of Inspiration: Paul Walker

Paul Walker was in a jewelry store when he noticed a U.S. military veteran with his fiancé shopping for a wedding ring. Without hesitation, Paul went to the manager and said “put that girl’s ring on my tab.” LESSON: We...

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Special pizza delivery to Frontier Airlines flight

Faced with potentially hungry — and grumpy — passengers, a Frontier Airlines pilot recently treated them to pizza when storms diverted a Denver-bound flight to Cheyenne...where the plane was stuck for a couple of hours. Let's give some loving where...

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