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Here you will find useful tips for preserving your life story and for building your memoir. We also enjoy spotlighting the good stories that we believe are worthy of preservation.

You have a story. And America's Footprints has everything you need to preserve that story for the current and future generations of your family!

Leave behind something of true value for your children and grandchildren to uncover!

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I Don't Have Great Stories

Written by: Devon Noel Lee For several months, I have shared some of the small moments from my family's life and the importance of recording them. I have met many people who would like to record stories but feel they...

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KITT helps raise funds for wounded veterans in the Poconos

Written by: Joe Fiduccia The Pocono Mountain Harley Davidson announced an upcoming charity ride in memory of fallen veteran Billy Brockett. As a family, we love participating in these types of events and helping these folks raise money for a...

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If You Let Fear Choose Your Destiny, You May Never Know What Real Change Can Bring

Written by: Nancy L. Seibel You have probably heard the expression "pay attention to your heart's desires." And while we may not be able to have everything we want, it's those very desires that tell an important story that helps...

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Baby Boomers Share One Piece Of Life Advice - #1 Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

As Ferris Bueller's Matthew Broderick reminded us all those years ago, "life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." And now almost 30 years later, this very quote still...

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5 Unique Ways To Give Thanks, The Other 364 Days A Year

Written by: Joe Fiduccia When was the last time you genuinely spoke the words "thank you" to someone...and not just as a formality? I am talking about those moments where you felt like those two words weren't enough. Or when...

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What Would You Say To Your Children If Death Was Knocking On Your Door

Written by: Joe Fiduccia Virtually all parents would agree – having kids is a life changing experience. Isn't it? Let's think about this for a moment. All those years growing up, it was always about us. In our pre-teens, for...

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History Buff Spends His Only Day Off Each Week Cleaning Tombstones Of Fallen Veterans

Many of us can relate to the exhausting hours of a full time job. And by today's standards, the term "full time" lives up to its name. In fact, a 2014 poll found that "adults employed full time in the U.S....

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Elementary School Tests A 60-Minute Recess, And The Results May Shock You!

When you have been sitting in a chair for hours, how do you feel? Body getting weak? Eyes starting to cross? Fatigue setting in? Problems concentrating? And when you start feeling that way, what is the first thing you do?...

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Ordinary People Live Extraordinary Lives - Write Their Stories

Written by: Devon Noel Lee In May 1998, country music star Clay Walker released his 16th single entitled "Ordinary People" but it was the worst performing song he ever had. Despite failing to resonate with a wide audience, the song and...

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NJ State Trooper Plans An Unforgettable Day For A Young Boy

Meet "Super Landon", a young boy who has unfortunately been battling a sudden and unexpected cancer since the end of March 2014.  But this story isn't just about a young boy. This is the story of a moment in his life that...

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5 (More) People Who Made History, And You Don't Even Know Them

As is often the case, the stories that once made headlines are eventually forgotten in the winds of time. The people who proved what it means to live a selfless life become nothing more than another face in a family...

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Dad Builds Full-Scale Replica Of Optimus Prime® To Inspire His Son

Written by: Debbie Earnston Autobots vs. Decepticons. Cybertron. The matrix of leadership. If any of these sound familiar, then you have probably heard about or even watched Transformers on the big screen. Currently the 10th highest-grossing action film series based on...

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5 More Precious Tips To Help You Write A Good Memoir

Written by: Joe Fiduccia Regardless of where you are in life, most everyone will agree that it's been one heck of a ride. Every single day from the moment we wake up, we are creating memories. Many of which we...

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Failure Or Not, Why Our Children Will Always Find Their Way

The author of this article chose to remain anonymous. My daughter is in third grade and generally excels in most subjects. She is a quick learner and likes to take on new projects. A few months ago she brought home...

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Are you leaving a legacy...or a mess?

Written by: Kelly E Lee In the words of Ben Franklin, "Lose no time; be always employed in something useful; cut off all unnecessary actions." This bit of advice from Franklin emphasizes the importance of being productive. What I have realized...

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