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Dad builds world's first Transformers Prime Megatron costume...to inspire his son!

Written By: Joe Fiduccia My 7-y-o son and I are big fans of the animated series known as Transformers Prime. It was a show that aired on the HUB network for 3 seasons, sadly ending it's run not too long...

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How To Celebrate Family History Month, Even If Your Family Is Broken

Written by: Joe Fiduccia For most of my adult life, I would look forward to the month of October for the same reasons as many others. The comfortable climate, the changing Fall colors, the excitement of trick-or-treating, and the beginning...

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This One Piece Of Advice From My Dad Became A Phrase I Will Always Remember

Capturing the true character of a person can be difficult with simple descriptive words. Describing their physical features and mentioning where they are from, may paint a visual picture of a person but the individual remains one dimensional. If I...

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Hands-Off Parenting: A New Norm That Will Leave Your Children Wanting More

The author of this article chose to remain anonymous. When I became a parent, I was introduced to a whole new world. I went from hanging out with friends at 2:00 AM to getting no sleep while changing diapers. Instead...

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Fun Ways To Preserve Your Family History

Written by: Beth Forester October is officially listed as Family History Month within the United States. It is a time to celebrate our unique backgrounds and histories while remembering our roots. And now more than ever, it's important to learn about...

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Retired Army Dad Suffering From PTSD Writes Children's Book To Help His Daughter Understand

The men and women who suffer from PTSD after their service in the military can have a negative impact on not only them, but their families as well.  And that's exactly what happened with retired Army First Sergeant Seth Kastle....

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How To Answer The Future Call Of The Loved Ones You Leave Behind

Written by: Joe Fiduccia All of us are on the rollercoaster ride we call "life". It is filled with ups and downs, and plenty of unexpected turns along the way. But with each passing day, we are closing another chapter...

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82-year-old's wish to go back in time to a memory with his dad - granted

Sam Minna is an 82-y-o resident at Grand Court of Springfield in Ohio.  When Sam was just 14, his dad found an old 1931 Ford coupe in a barn and bought it to be Sam's first car. Of course there...

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Special Needs Man Starts A New Business Around His Love For Walking

Many of us look forward to those walks in the park or just a simple stroll through the downtown streets. Especially after a long day at work, there is nothing quite like the feeling of the open air to put...

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Community Rallies In Support Of Young Teen Who Considered Suicide

Things are about to change dramatically for this bullied Turlock, California eighth-grader who contemplated suicide earlier this year.  And we think you'll be pleasantly surprised to hear what those changes are. Breanna Mendoza has a rare birth defect known as Goldenhar...

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I Don't Have Great Stories

Written by: Devon Noel Lee For several months, I have shared some of the small moments from my family's life and the importance of recording them. I have met many people who would like to record stories but feel they...

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KITT helps raise funds for wounded veterans in the Poconos

Written by: Joe Fiduccia The Pocono Mountain Harley Davidson announced an upcoming charity ride in memory of fallen veteran Billy Brockett. As a family, we love participating in these types of events and helping these folks raise money for a...

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If You Let Fear Choose Your Destiny, You May Never Know What Real Change Can Bring

Written by: Nancy L. Seibel You have probably heard the expression "pay attention to your heart's desires." And while we may not be able to have everything we want, it's those very desires that tell an important story that helps...

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Baby Boomers Share One Piece Of Life Advice - #1 Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

As Ferris Bueller's Matthew Broderick reminded us all those years ago, "life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." And now almost 30 years later, this very quote still...

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5 Unique Ways To Give Thanks, The Other 364 Days A Year

Written by: Joe Fiduccia When was the last time you genuinely spoke the words "thank you" to someone...and not just as a formality? I am talking about those moments where you felt like those two words weren't enough. Or when...

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