Lifetime membership packages

When you sign up to join, you will be asked to select a desired membership. Below is a summary of the three main lifetime membership options we currently provide. Here you can get an idea of what the packages include, and also explains the available options and limitations for each one.

ALL lifetime memberships grant unlimited access to the following:

Build a personal Footprint about your life, keeping it 100% private for as long as you wish Tell the favorite stories from your life that you wish to preserve and pass on
Create a personal map of towns and cities you have resided in Get a unique Footprint Authenticity Certificate to print & store with your other life documents
Enter career & educational history, and share what you learned along the way View the public Footprints that have been left behind by others
Share your favorite hobbies, including the ones from both the past and present Get personalized 1:1 email support along with helpful tutorial videos and how-to articles

There are NO other membership costs, taxes, or annual renewal fees.
In other words, your Footprint is good FOR LIFE!

AND DON'T FORGET: ALL Footprints are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

If you are not completely satisfied within the first 14 days, we will refund your entire setup fee - NO questions asked!


Below you will find a simple comparison of all three lifetime memberships and what options are included with each one. Unless noted, all options with a green check have unlimited storage. And we are consistently upgrading the Footprint profile to include even more options - virtually all at no extra charge!

Membership Cost 100% FREE $69.99
one-time charge
one-time charge
one-time charge
Email & Live Chat Support
Location History
Educational History
Career History
General Stories
Personal Hobbies
Other People In My Life
My Wishes For the Future
Upload Main Photos add up to 15 add up to 50 add up to 100
Upload Videos add up to 6 add up to 20
Upload Documents add up to 5 add up to 20 add up to 40
Add Mini Footprints
(for children)
add up to 1 add up to 5 add up to 10
Years In Review
Life Milestones
Parenting Stories
Medical History
Military History
Life Changing Relationships
Messages To Family
Childhood Memories
Add Family Traditions
Life Lessons and Wisdom
Scrapbook Files and Pages

We invite you to take a look at our sample Footprint page to see an example of what a completed Footprint profile looks like. And if you are interested in joining our growing family at, we would love to have you! Simply click here to setup your lifetime membership.


My life...captured

one-time charge

Additional highlights include:

  • A vanity URL
  • Upload up to 5 documents
  • Upload up to 15 photos
  • Create 1 mini-footprint
  • Talk about the people in your life
  • Share your wishes for the future

Our MOMENTO Footprint membership is a great starter package for the basics, or for those who don't yet know how much they would like to share in their Footprint.  In addition to the unlimited features mentioned above, it also contains the following benefits:

  • Choose a Vanity URL, whcih is a custom website address that will contain your name.  It is specific only to you, and you get to select what it contains.

  • Gain access to our "General Stories And Inspiration" section, with the ability to add unlimited entries that you wish you share from your life

  • You can upload up to 5 personal documents that you wish to add as part of your legacy. Some examples may include a copy of an award or certification you received, a favorite cooking recipe you were known for or wish to preserve, pages from a diary you kept, etc.

  • You can upload up to 15 important, heart-turning, or poignant photos from your past, which help visually convey the moments that were important to you.

  • Create a mini-Footprint, which become a storage center of the highlights from your child's life as they grow up. You can think of it as their life story, as described by you. 

  • Paint a picture of the people you knew in your lifetime using our Connections section, describing the relationship you have / had with others (friends, family, neighbors, co-workers) and what role it played in your life.

  • And give insight into the wishes you hope to one-day fulfill, whether it applies to yourself, your family, your friends, or the world in general.

This fee is paid just once during the sign-up process.  There are no other charges, taxes,or renewal fees to maintain this membership.  While never required, if you choose to upgrade to a higher membership in the future, you will only need to pay the difference for the higher package.  


My life, my journey...captured


Includes all Momento options PLUS:

  • Share personal milestones
  • Add general medical history
  • Add any military history/stories
  • Upload up to 20 documents
  • Upload up to 50 photos
  • Create up to 5 mini-footprints
  • Add up to 6 video files

Our NOVELLA Footprint membership is the perfect solution for those who would like to store a bit more in their Footprint, but don't want to go overboard.  In addition to all of the features from the Momento package, our Novella membership contains the following benefits:

  • Increased storage capacity, allowing you to add up to 20 personal documents, 50 photos, and 5 mini-Footprints.

  • Document personal milestones in your life, such as accomplishments, hardships, successes, and other moments. Create a timeline about when they happened, what happened, and what you learned from each milestone.

  • Share the experiences you have raising your child in our Parenting Stories section.  For example, discuss some of the moments that took your breath away and some of the parenting times that proved difficult.

  • Keep general records of your medical history, sharing the stories and medical milestones of your life. For example, you can talk about the history of your health, special diets, food allergies, and any diseases you battled...all without the need to upload or share confidential records or information.

  • If you served in the military, armed forces, or law enforcement, you can talk about those experiences, share those stories, and document important things you learned from them.

  • And with the Novella membership, you can also add up to 3 MP4 video files and 2 audio recordings (coming soon).  These can be recordings of moments past, or a live recording of you telling a specific story.

This fee is paid just once during the sign-up process. There are no other charges, taxes,or renewal fees to maintain this membership. While never required, if you choose to upgrade to a higher membership in the future, you will only need to pay the difference for the higher package.


My life, my journey, and my legacy...captured


Includes all Novella options PLUS:

  • Add childhood memories
  • Leave final messages for family
  • Upload up to 40 documents
  • Upload up to 100 photos
  • Create up to 10 mini-Footprints
  • Add up to 20 video files


Our premium MEMOIR membership is the ideal solution for those who want to store and share as much as possible in their Footprint.  In addition to all of the features from both the Momento and Novella packages, our Memoir membership contains the following benefits:

  • It offers the highest available storage capacity, allowing you to add up to 40 personal documents, 100 photos, 10 video files, 5 audio files (coming soon), and 10 mini-Footprints.

  • You can document childhood memories from your past.  Talk about when they occurred, what you remember, and why you wanted to share them.

  • You can share stories of your relationship history, and talk about the people who played an important role in your love life.

  • You can add important traditions you did (e.g. annual trips, family game nights, etc.) that you wish to mention, preserve, and/or pass down to future generations

  • You will be able to add unlimited stories in ALL of the available text sections.

  • And you can leave behind individual messages directed to specific family members, friends, and loved ones. This could include goodbye messages to your children, spouse, close friends, and even your future relatives (e.g. your great, great, great grandkids).

As with all other Footprint packages, this fee is paid just once during the sign-up process. There are no other charges, taxes, or renewal fees to maintain this membership.  

Ready to reserve your private Footprint in history?


We are different. There are NO annual or recurring fees with America's Footprints!

There are plenty of websites out there that claim to provide a 100% free service. But in reality, there is almost always a catch. For example, they may tease you with access to some of their basic tools just to entice you to sign up. After building so-called "trust", you will eventually want (and need) access to their advanced features. That's when they force you to pay a fee (monthly or annually) for continued use of their service.

Additionally, they almost always use the alleged "free" profile against you. Sometimes this involves marketing attempts to get you to buy another product or service they offer. And most times, with the help of unclear and covert wording in their terms of use agreements, these websites will ultimately sell your information to third parties, who will use it to learn more about you and your interests. And before you know it, you're part of various marketing lists that begin targeting you for certain products and selling strategies.

At, we are honest and up-front with you about everything.  We have nothing to hide and there is no covert wording in our terms of use,  We have no hidden agenda, we will guarantee your Footprint for life, AND you can rest assured that whatever you add to your Footprint is private, safe, and will never be used or sold for any other purpose. The one-time setup fee that we charge helps cover the costs of securing your Footprint on our servers, and will also help us bring you personalized support, continued website enhancements, upgrades, and new features (which are added almost daily). In the end, it is one of the most affordable and worthwhile investments you can make.