End-of-life Planning Checklist

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Inevitably the day will come when we say our final goodbye. And when we do, our life's belongings and anything we leave behind will become the responsibility of someone else. But in the myriad of important financial, legal, and other personal documents and belongings, along with the countless organizations we may belong to and online accounts we maintain, it can become quite difficult to provide a sense of structure around it all.

Many folks believe that a Last Will and Testament is the one and only thing we need to worry about when finalizing our affairs. In a way, that might be accurate. But that’s as long as it mentions anything and everything that is pertinent to your life in some way. And when you start thinking about it, the list of topics to consider quickly becomes dizzying.

That is why we have created this checklist and offer it for FREE to both our members and our visitors. It provides a list of over 60 common things you should collect, organize, secure, and/or archive when planning for your final day…many of which you will also want to include in your Last Will. It truly is the most comprehensive life document checklist available today!

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