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As a family-owned business, works very hard to help ensure our customers are provided with top-notch service and commitment. Our employees take pride in not only supporting our members, but also in building a platform that is constantly evolving...and worthy of storing one's final life legacy.

But don't take our word for it. Below are just a few of the testimonials we have received from our growing community. And unlike many other websites out there, these are real people with honest feedback about the service we provide.

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Jackie I found via social media a while ago. I've been a history geek for as long as I can remember, and was part of an online community Joe would post to. One day he posted a story on Google+ of a person who recently died but whose final act of bravery was an inspirational one. It also caught my attention because this person had lived in the city where I was originally born. So I decided to follow him and am very glad I did. Over time his stories made me realize something I had never thought about: that one day MY story may go unknown. I love that [] has provided a platform where we can now ALL become part of history...regardless of status. I fully intend to begin updating my Footprint on a regular basis. -Jackie A.
No photo available I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love what is all about. I’ve been through enough ups and downs in life to fill an entire year’s worth of conversation. Yet no one really knows about it. And for the longest time, I didn’t care. But I wanted you to know that your website has given me a new purpose. And you have helped me realize that despite a very difficult life, my story IS important. It gives me a way to preserve the tough moments in my life that I want my children to know about. They are all too young to understand everything, and I don’t know if I’ll ever have the courage (or the opportunity) to sit down with them 1:1 and share these experiences. But now that I have a Footprint, I feel so much better knowing that I am leaving something behind for them. So "thank you" for building something that will truly change my future outlook on life. -This person chose to remain anonymous
Freddie First I have to admit I was very skeptical about this service. It seemed like something that was too good to be true. But I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised. When you consider the fact that the profile you build is guaranteed to last for a very long time (they claim forever, but even they can't predict where we'll be 300 years from now), the one-time membership fee was a real bargain (I chose the one under $50.00). The website seems pretty new, and I can tell they are always working on upgrading it. They even contacted me personally to see if I had any suggestions for enhancement, and were very open to hearing them. I believe they have a v. 2 of the Footprint coming out in Jan 2015. I can't wait to see it! -Freddie B.
Harry This concept is really amazing. The sign-up process is a breeze. The Footprint profile is very easy to navigate. And so far the support team was spot on when I needed them or had a question. I've already purchased a Footprint gift card for my wife. I am confident she will absolutely love the idea of leaving behind a legacy. -Harry M.
Terry I love the way they keep my Footprint private until I am ready to share it. It's nice to finally bring some closure to certain events and stories in my life. My Footprint hasn't been just about sharing a story. It's also helped me bring a sense of peace to a major part of my history that has consumed me for so long. Terry V.
Esther I joined after hearing about it from a friend of mine. Though I am still fairly young with a very small family, I have endured a very difficult life. As I look back at what I've been through, I realized that my story will one day slip through the cracks of time. And eventually the day will come where no one will remember me or the life I've lived. So I decided to begin building my profile here because I believe my story may be an inspiration to others who eventually see it. -Esther P.
Roberta [] reached out to me on social media after I had posted a question about wanting to get started with a life memoir, but now knowing where to begin. Without giving me a sale pitch, they simply introduced themselves and made a few suggestions of websites that can help...including theirs. I decided to give their service a try, and so far I am very satisfied. The platform is very simple, and any time I have a question or need some advice, their support has been great. I would definitely recommend giving them a try.-Roberta D.
No photo available [] has far exceeded my expectations. When I joined I figured it was just another website trying to collect a paycheck. But they are so much more. They make an honest effort to support you and answer your questions. And you can tell that a lot of work continues to go into the design of the website. The concept is the first I've seen of its kind, and the Footprint profile is very good considering it's their very first release. Definitely a website I recommend to my family and friends. -This person chose to remain anonymous
Damien I met Joe during lunch at a blogger conference recently and he shared a bit about with me. In just a matter of minutes I was intrigued with what seemed to be a very unique opportunity. So that evening I decided to check out the website and was instantly hooked. I took advantage of one of the deals they were offering and became a member in August 2014. As I update my Footprint, I regularly keep in touch with Joe and offer suggestions / ideas for enhancement. The business is very new, but I've noticed he has been very open to my feedback. As word spreads, I have a strong feeling that this website will become a major success. -Damien T.
Adele I followed [] on social media and responded to an offer to be part of their pilot / beta test group earlier this year. In my lifetime I have personally tested over approx. 10,000 websites. And I have to say they really have something unique here. At first I thought it was just an online diary or autobiography. But it is SO much more, and is created in such a way that it preserves our personal stories for the purposes of making them available to my family when I am no longer around. They have given us a platform where I can leave final messages to my husband and my daughters in private for now, but ultimately becoming a digital record that they can eventually see (as opposed to something tangible (like a book or CD) that ultimately gets lost over time). I am incredibly happy to have found them and to have become a member myself. -Adele M.

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