What memories are you preserving for the future?

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It's not ancestry. It is your story preserved...for the current and future generations of your family.

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it is your journey

it is private

it is forever

Welcome to America's Footprints - the only place in America where you can preserve your journey through life for your children and grandchildren!

Here you can gain access to your very own Footprint, which is a digital profile about your life that you build over time, sharing the memories, experiences, and life lessons you want to pass down to your children.

A Footprint provides you with a way to privately document the important stories, milestones, photos, and memories in your lifetime. It will preserve your story for the current and future generations of your family.

It is 100% private, and you have complete control over who can eventually see your Footprint, and when.

There are NO annual costs or renewal fees to reserve your Footprint. You can join now by choosing from one of our premium memberships. Your Footprint is always good for life, and will never expire.

Your children and grandchildren will long for the stories only you can share.  When they eventually open your Footprint, what special memories will they uncover?

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The image above is for sample purposes only. Clicking the Footprint cards will take you to an example of a Footprint profile. If you are looking for the Footprints left behind by our members, we invite you to browse our existing database using the search section below.

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If you have the official Footprint Certificate of another member, you can search our memoir database and view that person’s profile anytime by entering their unique Footprint ID and name here. However, please keep in mind that individual Footprints can be viewed by other members only if the owner has granted permission to do so.

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Life isn't just about creating memories.
It's about remembering the memories we once created.

Every day, we are creating new memories that we hope will last a lifetime. We are writing a story that our children and grandchildren will one-day want to revisit. We are guiding our kids through life, and serve as that proverbial shoulder to lean on when they need us the most. But if today was your last day with them, what will your children have to remember you by?

Pass down more than just a prized possession or trust fund. Preserve the proudest memories in your life today, and leave behind a digital legacy that your children will long for tomorrow.

Give your children and grandchildren the true memoirs of your life that they will forever cherish.

Reserve a Footprint in your family's history today!

Live a great life. And leave behind an even greater legacy.