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Thank you for visiting AmericasFootprints.com - the only place where you can privately build a digital legacy, and share the story of your life with your children, your grandchildren, and even your great grandchildren. And we encourage you to take advantage of our discounted rates and to reserve your very own Footprint in your family's history. Because it's about time to discover the best way possible to keep your story alive for generations to come.

Meet the family behind AmericasFootprints.com

AmericasFootprints.com is a family-owned business founded by Joe, Ania, and little Ryan. It was an idea that started at the dinner table one evening many years ago, and eventually took on a life of its own.

That first evening, we were enjoying a meal together when little Ryan asked us: “when I’m older, do you think I will remember [this experience] from school today?” Intrigued by his question, we didn't really know how to respond. Because when you think about it, this is not an easy question to answer.

Life is an amazing experience that literally contains millions of memories. And this particular experience at school was one that we considered to be a 'milestone' in his life (something that taught him a major life lesson). But despite how important these memories are, many times we can't remember what we did just yesterday...let alone 30 years ago.

Like us, we know there are many people who pride themselves in preserving the memories that form our life story. And while genealogy and ancestry platforms make it easier to learn about our past, there is really nothing out there that can help us both preserve and share our story with the future.

Ryan's question made us think about both his life and ours. And the reality became quite clear - ALL of us have a story that very few will ever know about. So we decided to change that, creating a way where we could forever store his childhood milestone, while at the same time storing the major moments in our own lives as well.

And thus AmericasFootprints.com was born.

We are now proud to have built a platform where you can digitally create a private memoir of your life...eventually creating a "Footprint" in history that will share your story with the future generations of your family. And as such, the next time little Ryan asks us a similar question about his day, we now have a simple answer - "yes".

We appreciate you taking the time to visit AmericasFootprints.com, and will remain committed to helping everyone preserve their life story in a place that will ultimately carry on our legacies.

"Live a great life, and be sure to leave behind an even greater legacy."