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In the past, if we ever wanted to preserve our life autobiography was the only way to go. But let's face it - that's no easy task. We have all lived an amazing life filled with ups and downs, accomplishments, hardships, and unexpected turns. We have made decisions that others don't fully understand. We have kept secrets that no one else ever knew. And in the end...ALL of these experiences define the life legacy will ultimately leave behind.

In the myriad of life circumstances, social media posts, photos, and videos we have collected, breaking everything down into the pieces that encompass the important parts of our life can be very difficult. And if you are interested in telling that story to your future (yet to be born) relatives, figuring out how to summarize all of those moments into a simple life memoir can be quite daunting.

That is why we developed this convenient checklist of over 140 questions to think about when creating your Footprint. We hope these questions can help steer you in the right direction when attempting to formulate a simple story of your life, thus making it easier for your future descendants to learn about you and the life you once lived.

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